Status completed
Program health
Area 850 m2
Duration 2011 - 2013
Location Brussels, Belgium
Coordinates 50°50'54.73"N 4°22'35.86"E
Owner asbl Carrefour-Messidor
Budget 500.000€ HTVA

Valentin Bianchi photographie

This is the transformation of a beautiful neo-classical house in a protected area in Brussels. The ground floor is converted into offices for the association. The other floors are designed to accommodate 10 residents who have psychiatric disorders. Architecturally, this raises the question of the balance between personal spaces, semi-private space and public space. It is a question of how to create open but privatized community spaces that make you want to live together while respecting the privacy of the residents. The internal organization is rational. The mix between the functions of office and housing is qualified by many communal areas designed as recreational areas and for sharing. The difficulty of the project was to restore the old building standards while preserving its aesthetic qualities. Far from being erased, these features are highlighted and accentuated by the fluidity and continuity of spaces as well as the penetration of light. The result is high technical efficiency combined with careful and precise planning. The allocation of work has been the subject of a tendering procedure.