Status execution
Program health
Area 1000 m2
Duration 2015 - ?
Location Schaerbeek, Belgium
Coordinates 50°51'30.89"N 4°22'32.22"E
Owner asbl La Gerbe
Budget € HTVA

La Gerbe is an important player in the associative world in the Brussels Region. It is a day center offering mental health support for children, teens, families, adults and seniors. Located in the center of Schaerbeek, rue Thiéfry, in a popular district, its goal is to allow everyone access to quality care offered by a multidisciplinary team. The public is welcomed by appointment but a permanence is provided by psychosocial workers.
In order to reduce heating operation costs, it was important to recreate a built-in communication between the front and the rear building. In addition, the building had to be accessible to people with reduced mobility. The connection is materialized in the form of a glazed corridor, the demolition of the extension makes it possible to increase the solar input. two patios are created like breaths between the old buildings and the new offices located in the center of the plot. The corridor, in summer, can be completely open on these outdoor spaces so as to increase the impression inside-outside already present thanks to the big picture windows of the corridor.
The corridor is not a simple connection, it has been sized to divide the waiting area into several small areas that develop along the way. The waiting space is much freer, it is a joint that becomes, by its dimensions and the link it has with the patios, a real space of life, meetings and exchanges.