Title Kindergarten LMEC
Status competition
Program education
Area 1000 m2 + 500 m2
Duration 2014 - 2014
Location Grâce-Hollogne, Belgium
Coordinates 50°38'38.47"N 5°29'15.97"E
Owner Commune de Grâce-Hollogne
Budget phase 1: 1.750.000 + phase 2: 1.500.000€ HTVA

NEY & partners

La Villa Hermosa

Atelier Paysage


The building in the landscape as a protective wooden fence matching the contours of the land. The volume is sober and refined, it is the scale of the surrounding buildings. The work on the outer skin of the building encased timber will allow to work in nuance with blunt openings, filtered openings (perforated siding) and framed views. The siding is sometimes as siding, sometimes as a fence, sometimes as a filter. In general, the vertical wood siding used to establish a dialogue with the site and the distant landscape recalling the verticality of the trees. The roof is worked with slopes of low vegetated slope. This is the fifth facade. It is visible from the top of the field. She leads the architecture of the building from the outside. Here also it is a working mimicry relative to the site. As if a portion of land was raised to the punch. The roof undulates to incorporate the building slope. This allows the integration of glass lift providing light in specific locations. From the inside, the roof massing is visible. Children living spaces are sheltered under a slope ceiling which refers to the roof frame protecting the traditional habitat.