Title Villa sur MEUSE
Status completed
Program house
Area 220 m2
Duration 2013 - 2016
Location Dave, Be
Coordinates 50°25'33.21"N 4°52'24.07"E
Owner Privé
Budget € HTVA

Caroline DETHIER photographer 

The house is located in an exceptional site: on the shore of the River Meuse, against the rocks of Neviaux in Dave near Namur. Following the program, it was necessary to make an extension of the house. The owners needed three bedrooms and the existing house contained only one bedroom.The new rooms take place in a rectangular volume placed above the existing one respecting the lines of the modernist architecture of the house and designed with a horizontal vocabulary in relation to the landscape, the river Meuse and the rocks in the background. To maintain consistency throughout the process, the volume take place into an horizontal structure which is folded like a ribbon. The living spaces are contained into this frame.  The spaces are open with large windows on the Meuse side and quite closed on the rocks side where only a few of horizontal windows take place.