Status competition
Program culture
Area 60 m2
Duration 2007 - 2007
Location Mariemont, Belgium
Coordinates 50° 28’ 03. 19” N 4° 13’ 59. 91” E
Owner Public
Budget 60.000€ HTVA

In Sanskrit, the word Amitabha means "infinite light". Its representation and meaning literally guided our architectural approach. For this type of intervention, it was legitimate to keep clean the sacral character of religious buildings, but applied here to the scale of the statue. It was not simply to provide any shelter to the sculpture, but to jointly ensure its conservation while incorporating an additional dimension. The iconographic representation of the Buddha with a significance in Buddhist practitioners, it was important that this place of worship retains its meditative character. Our first references are therefore derived from the spiritual architecture (whether Eastern or Western). We therefore referred to the two original parameters that govern these divine structures: geometric symbolism and work light. The visually light structure allows you to place a semi-transparent dome over the Buddha. The dilemma that pitted the full protection against highlighting the sculpture is therefore resolved. The transparent polycarbonate coating provides a soft overhead light falling vertically on the statue. The permanent light is a reminder of the continual wakefulness of Buddha. The lightness of the structure, in the principles of form and construction, keeps a close relationship between the worshippers and the statue. The expression of meditation, meditation research, and personal internalization led us to this option in order to reach some form of serenity.