Title House RM
Status completed
Program house
Area 220 m2
Duration 2011 - 2013
Location Morialmé, Belgium
Coordinates 50°16'34.70"N 4°34'13.64"E
Owner private
Budget € HTVA

Valentin Bianchi photographie


The project consists in the construction of a single family house destined to become the home of the owner of a farm located in Morialmé. The site is occupied by agricultural buildings such as barns, stables and silos. These buildings are characterized by their elongated volume and gabled roofs. The architecture of the new home meets these characteristics to fit perfectly in the context. The house has a rectangular plan and its proportions are similar to existing buildings. The ridge height of the house was modeled on that of the other buildings in order to avoid disruption of the landscape. This gives a relatively low horizontal building. It should be seen as a bar in the distant landscape, as an appendage of the farm.